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Rak’s last day at school was a class demonstration day. We were invited to participate in this half-day activity. Dad, who has never missed any special event at Rak’s school, took a day leave. As a result, we had half a day left that allowed us to have our 3 days 2 nights trip, as a formal start of Rak’s summer.

Mum began to search for our holiday destination. The first place in her mind was Munnork Island in Rayong. Its sandy beach is so white; the sea is so clear, and there is no swimming pool. This would be a perfect reason for Dad to persuade Rak and Rome to have a great time swimming in the sea. Unfortunately, we would not be able to catch the only one shuttle boat at 13.00 hrs. to the island.

Mum, after checking with some hotels in Hua-Hin and Pattaya, decided to go for Centara Chaan Talay in Trat. Dad agreed on this choice. We got a special package from Thai Tiew Thai event and booked the room online via the hotel website.

There are 4 room types: one bedroom suite, one bedroom family suite, nature spa villa, and beach front spa villa. The normal rates are at THB3,500, THB3,800, THB4,500 and THB5,800 respectively. The special offers from this event are at THB1,900, THB, THB2,300, THB2,900, and THB3,400 respectively.

We booked the beach front spa villa for 2 nights. The above rates are net and include breakfast.



Mum drove us to the resort at a distance of 365 km. within 4 hours.

Every room in the resort has the same space, comprised of one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom without bathtub and one balcony. There is a small garden in front of the bathroom and we can see it from the inside. The living room has an LCD TV provided with main channels of truevision. Most of the time during our stay, we watched Tom and Jerry and Ben 10. The big sofa in the living room can serve as a bed for an additional guest, if any.



The nature spa villa has a Jacuzzi at the backyard and the beach front spa villa has its Jacuzzi at the balcony. Next to the balcony of the beach front spa villa, there are 2 sunbeds on a deck towards the beach.

This was where Dad and sons spent their time after swimming in the sea and in the swimming pool. They had a bath here and left the shower in the bathroom only for Mum.



The resort is located on Tubtim beach. The sea is very clear and the sand is white and clean.

The swimming pool is separated into 2 parts: a bigger one for adults and a smaller one with the depth of 60 cm. for children. The resort also provides beach balls, beach volleyballs and the sand field with the net. Kayaking is also another choice for sports. It is easy to go kayaking here because the sea is very calm. The next trip, Mum will go kayaking with Rak and Rome when they are ready.



Finally, Dad was forced to bring Rome to play in the sea and realized that Rome did not run away for fear, but really liked to stay in the sea longer and longer.



After his first time swimming in the sea with Mum a few years ago, Rak had his second time with Dad. He loved it but he just did not have a chance to try. Mum succeeded in making this possible.



As usual, Rome enjoyed his time in the swimming pool very much. His fingers and mouth turned into purple colours. So Dad wanted him to stop playing. He then cried very loudly. Dad could stop Rome by telling him that they would only change the place and go to play in the Jacuzzi at our room. Rome had another half an hour playing in the Jacuzzi with P’ Rak.



Rak really liked to play in the swimming pool at the hotel but he always skips the swimming class at school. He promised that he will learn swimming when he is 5 years old. He requested that his teacher come to teach him at home. Let’s see whether he will really want to do so.



It is always difficult to have a good family photo. Either Rak or Rome did not want to cooperate. So we did not have the whole family in one photo.



While Rome was sleeping in the car with Dad, Rak and Mum has gone for shopping at Had Lek, the Cambodian border. Rak got one robot and bought Ben 10 watch for Rome too.



There are a lot of trees and flowers in the resort which made us feel fresh. However, there were a lot of mosquitoes in the evening. Fortunately, none of them was in our bedroom.



On the day we arrived the resort, it rained but we had a better weather after that day. The beach and the sea were beautiful. We had to have dinner at the resort because the nearest restaurant outside was too far for the children.

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